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Too Much Hair!

Author and Performer: Donald Davis

Product Code: 8215
Binding: Compact Disc

Price: $16.95
"This is a set of three stories about trouble with little brothers, especially mine. One is the story of the haircut he badly needed, and so I gave it to him. One is the story of getting permanently fired as his babysitter. The third is the story of one of the many science projects for which he was my personal chemistry set. These stories work to call memories forth from anyone who had to live in relationship to siblings." --Donald Davis


Gold Award
Honor Award

1. Intro music (:40) 2.Too Much Hair! (13:31) 3. Watch the Baby (16:05) 4. Don’t Step in Anything (12:15) 5. “March of the Nefarious Glib” (3:40) Total running time: 49:17 minutes

Booklist — Kristi Jemtegaard
Introduced by old-time fiddle music, three stories delivered in Davis' deep southern drawl are guaranteed vehicles to a time long past but still very much alive in memory. In the title story, Donald "helps" his little brother by cutting his curls, with predictable and unpredictable results. Next, Davis tells how Donald manages to get himself fired from "watching the baby," and in the final fiasco, "Don't Step on Anything," Dad's warning to the two brothers in the cow pasture is captured in the title. Filled with gentle humor and bathed in nostalgia, these stories appeal to both grown-ups and kids. Two companion albums, Broken Bones and Irrational Fear ($14.95 each), are also available, with the latter title featuring stories with an adult focus. Davis makes it seem as if he is reminiscing on the back porch with listeners, but behind his flawless delivery, casual asides, and deadpan delivery lies a natural storyteller.

In his folksy Carolina accent Davis tells three stories of childhood suitable for children, but enjoyable by all. In his opening remarks, Davis states that his stories are intended to inspire listeners to connect with their memories of their brothers and sisters. Three stories of brotherly love—or not—start with the birth of a baby with perfect curls and the older brother's solution—a hairdo just like grandpa's fringe. The second story features a series of games that involve tormenting a baby in a playpen, and the last story describes a journey through the cow pies of the pasture. In each tale older brother Donald creates a bit of trouble and receives his comeuppance from a wise dad with a sense of humor.

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