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Five-Minute Tales

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

Product Code: 7812
10 x 7
Binding: Hardcover
Price: $24.95
Anyone who teaches, leads, or speaks in public has had the experience of needing to fill short amounts of time in order to hold the audience’s attention. Margaret Read MacDonald addressed this need with her award-winning story collection, “Three Minutes Tales.” Now she has compiled another collection of stories from around the world for those occasions when a slightly longer story is needed. READING LEVELS: Lexile Level: 600L; Guided Reading: O

Bloomsbury Review — Melanie Gregg
After the success of her 2004 compilation titled Three Minute Tales, renowned folklore specialist Margaret Read MacDonald is back with a new and diverse collection of highly engaging stories gathered from all over the world. Grouped by theme-animal tales, tales of trickery, origin stories, etc.-the wide range of stories provides ample material for every kind of reading hour, from a large group at the public library to an audience of one at bedtime. Each section opens with introductory comments about the genre and provenance of the tales. The number of minutes (or seconds!) it takes to tell each story is indicated beneath the titles. MacDonald offers useful tips and cues throughout the volume to guide the storyteller through the timing, gestures, attitudes, and sound effects that will enhance the performance. Story variations and other interesting details are offered in the notes that follow each tale. This is a strong collection and will appeal to librarians, teachers, and parents alike.

SLJ Reviews — Judy Sokoll
Quick tales in storytellers' pockets are like money in the bank. They fill in when programs are delayed, and when class periods are cut short or interrupted so that lengthier stories are no longer suitable. These events occur so often that most seasoned tellers always have a Plan B in their preparations. This collection fits the bill with participation, animal, origin, riddle, romance, strange, trickster, and moral tales from around the world and for all ages. MacDonald provides sources and variations as the stories have traveled throughout different lands and cultures. She uses her own experiences to provide hints for telling to audiences of different ages. Her practical guidance enables newer as well as veteran tellers to proceed confidently with these engaging stories. A useful addition for reading or telling at schools, libraries, community centers, religious schools, and at home.

Book Bit for WTBF, Troy, Alabama — Doc Kirby
We've got animal stories and stories of how things began, tales of the tiny and tales of romance, riddle tales, stories of tricksters, accounts of the weird and strange, and teaching fables, from all over the world. My favorite: Cricket and Jaguar fight! It's from the author of Three Minute Tales, also from August House. — K. Sean Buvala
Every storyteller, whether a paid professional or someone who uses story as an addition to their primary job or activities, needs to have quick stories to tell in any situation. On the heels of her Three Minute Tales book, Margaret has gathered even more quick-to-tell stories from all over the world. The stories are divided into nine loose categories such as "Origin Tales," "Lessons to Be Learned," and "Riddle Tales." One of the most useful categories is "Tiny Tales" with stories that can be told in under a minute. Storytellers must always be ready to demonstrate their art form to others and these quick tales are great fillers to have in your repertoire. Dr. MacDonald is one of the leaders in the classification and understanding of world tales, so one of her expanded comments regarding the type and origin of the story follows each tale. This provides excellent material for research for storytelling for teachers or storytelling in the education. Margaret has written a number of "must have" books for the potential libraries of storytellers, public speakers and teachers of all types of groups. Five Minute Tales, too, will be a book you use often to fill in that "just right" space in your programs and presentations.

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