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Fat Cat

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald   Illustrator: Julie Paschkis

Product Code: 7650
11 Inches (US) x 8.5
Four color
Binding: Paperback
Age Range:
4 to 7
Grade Range:
PreK to 2

Character Values: 
Sharing, Responsibility

Price: $8.95
Have you ever heard the saying, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”? Well, Cat's stomach is bigger than a lot of things. He is always hungry, and living with culinary-inclined Mouse, who makes thirty-five pies in one day, just makes it worse. Fat Cat swallows everything in sight, including the washlady and her washtub, a troop of soldiers and their swords, even a king and his elephant! But when Cat swallows Mouse and her sewing basket, that's the last straw. Tiny Mouse cuts to the heart of ....


Parents' Choice Award
Parents' Choice Award (Recommended Title)

School Library Journal — Kathleen Simonetta
"MacDonald uses short, rhythmic sentences and repeated refrains to keep this tale of a greedy cat that lives with a mouse flowing. One day, he eats 35 pies. Then with a 'slip slop, sluuurp,' he proceeds to eat a wash lady and her laundry, some soldiers and their swords, the king and his elephant, and, finally, the mouse and her sewing supplies. Of course, Mouse cuts her way out and the others follow. After that, Cat eats more sparingly and others treat him with respect. Paschkis's folklike artwork has an open, uncluttered look. Individual objects curve along and around the pages on white backgrounds, lending focus to the feline as he becomes progressively larger after devouring each new morsel. One exception to this pattern is the spread that shows everything in the cat's stomach, all on a black background. It's dark in there! A page of notes explains the source of this story. Pair it with Jack Kent's The Fat Cat (Scholastic, 1971), a more humorous version, to show how different illustrated retellings can be."

The Story Bag
"...two enthusiastic thumbs up."

Hunting Valley Library/Librarian — Nancy Hensler
"A retelling of a Danish folktale that is lots of fun for the preschool set...Fun for little listeners. Paschkis' drawings are fun, too."

Territorial Tattler — Tina (With Help From Colin) Saner
"This is a wonderful written telling to share with any of the youngsters in your life. The irony of a mouse and a cat being friends at the beginning of the tale was not lost on our six-year old. The greedy cat's exploits to fill himself up met with giggles in all the right places. And the ingenuity of the mouse was applauded in the end. "The illustrations are charming and support the origin of the folktale. The text begs to be read aloud. In fact, even an early reader can travel through the story with just a little guidance. For the adult reader, MacDonald has added her own notes regarding orgins and variations of the tale if they want to do a bit of their own research."

Booklist — Helen Rosenburg
"A Danish folktale about a greedy cat is retold in this striking picture book. Cat and Mouse are friends, but Cat has a voracious appetite, especially for anyone who dares to call him fat. After swallowing a washerwoman, a king and his elephant, and a company of soldiers, he swallows Mouse. By cutting a hole in cat's belly, Mouse cleverly rescues the group. The book's huge, bright illustrations are glorious. As the cat grows fatter, he takes up larger and larger portions of the double-page spreads until only his bright orange mouth and pink tongue are visible. The large, funny illustrations will carry well for a bigger crowd and, combined with refrain that invites chanting along, make this a surefire hit for reading aloud."

"MacDonald’s text has the verve of language honed by frequent telling."

Top of Texas
"A must for all libraries."

Rambles: A Cultural Arts Magazine
"The crisp, charming text, is set off by Paschkis’s cheery gouache folk-art style illustrations."

Kirkus Reviews
"This story will be a favorite read aloud and simply demands that listeners shout along."

— Susan Anderson-Newham
"I used Fat Cat for a "Growing" storytime this morning and had to write and tell you that the children just LOVED it! They laughed in all the right places. It’s really a joy to have a book that 'tells' so well."

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